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What to Expect and Wear

Sessions will include both candid and posed photos as well as both color and black and white images. During our phone or e-mail consultation please let me know if there are any preferences you have about the photos (all black and white, or all in color etc.). Also inform me if there is anything special you would like such as a theme or prop so that we can plan ahead. Young infants may need to nurse or have a bottle, while toddlers may have meltdowns during the shoot, this is normal and we can take as many breaks as necessary to ensure everyone stays relaxed and enjoys our session together. Please bring snacks, blankies, toys or anything that may make your child feel better if they get upset (these items can also make great natural photos). You are not limited to these suggestions, nor are you required to bring anything to any of the sessions.

(please do not feel limited to these suggestions)


-please bring a pacifier

-pumped breastmilk or formula

-baby brush

-military boots, shirt, dogtags etc

-favorite sports team items baseballs, glove, golfballs, football etc.

-sentimental blankets or items
-a favorite onesie

-anything that brings out what is unique about your family (records, guitar, camoflage, xbox etc)


(I have plenty of newborn props in my studio, you are not required to bring anything these are suggestions if you would like to bring your own items)



-ultrasound photo

-baby shoes

-banner from baby shower or baby room

-you may bring a 2nd outfit change (ask me and I will given you needed info)

-anything special that you would like to include



-please bring a bottle or sippy cup with you, especially in the summer when its hot

-a small snack in case we need to take a break

-for younger children bring toy that may help get their attention

-you are welcome to change your childs outfit 2 times during the session (3 outfits total)

-small blanket
-any accessories (jewlery, hats, jackets, boots)
-avoid all black or all white combos
-bright colors will make your photos pop
-tutus and pearls

-suspenders and bow ties

-birthday items balloons, smash cakes, hat etc
-anything with special meaning or you would like to be photographed with